Fabcurate was born with a sole purpose of curating the best fabrics for people who don’t consider their fabrics as just another “stash”. We look at fabrics as collections, to be used, admired, and to be taken care of like any a valuable thing.

At Fabcurate, we facilitate all the designers out there to create anything of their imagination using an array of premium quality fabrics curated specially for you. These fabrics are sourced directly from traditional fabric merchantswho are the masters of traditional craft. Sometimes the fabric dictates the sort of garment you can make and at Fabcurate, you will notice that happening with you quite a lot!

To top it all we are based out of Surat, Gujarat which is the textile capital of the country. The best yarn production, weaving, processing and even embroidery happen in Surat. Always adaptive to the changes in the latest trends, the city has never failed torespond to the changing preferences of people.

Creating a garment is a process filed with visual and tactile components, demanding and developing and of course sewing wisdom. We take it as a responsibility to bring the right colours to your imagination combining it with the years of experience in the industry.

Our solitary attention is always at the community we belong to, the Indian Handloom Industry. By collaborating with the talented artisans in this community we not only give them a platform to show their talent and get all the love they deserve for their work, but also give them an opportunity to push their creative potential and bring out their own version of the traditional heritage.

Our artisans are fully trained and empowered to create crafts like – Kalamkari, Ikat, Ajrakh, Indigo, Tie & Dye, Dabu, Shibori, Banarasi, Bandhani, Batik, etc which reflect that royal Indian culture in their making. They draw their inspiration from the heritage lifestyles that have ruled them in the past.


Fabcurate was a community of designers to begin with, a community who believed in creating glorious art out of a fabric. It was a community that explored town, streets and villages to curate the best fabrics for their creation and a community that never compromised on the quality or the design of the fabric. That’s the reason they could find all the loopholes and hardships that a designers faced in bringing life to their imagination.

Fabcurate came into existence recognising the need of making the best fabrics available to all the creators out there without any “MINIMUM QUANTITY LIMIT”. Yes, you heard it right! Fabcurate doesn’t just bring you a plethora of premium fabrics to choose from but also gives you an opportunity to order the quantity of your choice. Be it a thousand meters fabric or just one we make sure we fulfil your need without any terms and conditions.


To enable our customers to order the quantity of their choice, why do this when we can comfortably just sell in bulk? This idea came from a family function that we attended and saw how joyful it was when families came together and dressed up in sync. It’s a wonderful photo opportunity right! That’s when we thought of facilitating our customers to buy the quantity of their choice and get a picture-perfect shot with your family at an affordable price.

But wait, are you looking for something exclusive which you are unable to find on our website? With Fabcurate by your side you can finally give life to your dream wardrobe as we give you the choice to get your favourite design printed on the fabric of your choice. You can get your custom fabric printed with your own design to create something totally unique.


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All the Fashion freaks!!! This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Getting your desired product with your desired design is as simple as counting one, two, and three.

Step 1. - Select your favourite design from the thousands of custom made artwork available on the website.


Share your own design with us.

Step 2. Choose a fabric of your Choice

Step 3. - Specify the quantity of fabric you require. But wait, confused about how much quantity to order? Don’t worry we have got you covered. With the help of Fabcurate’s Fabric Estimator you can decide how much of the fabric is necessary and place the order!

With the support of all our fabric engineers which is precisely the entire team of Fabcurate, we have even made digital printing available in every size and quantity.

So, feel free to give life to all your imagination and explore the website to find practically everything you need in your fabric!

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