• Sustainability is the new trend

    Sustainability is the new trend
    The world is a confusing place to live in. Some companies are launching a new collection every week and some influencers are switching to sustainable living. We often tend to baffle between the ongoing deeds. We often think that sustainability is another crazy fad that will fade away, but let me tell you that it won’t.  Sustainability is the future. We were made aware of this term in our early lives in our schools, but it’s no more just a term, it’s a way of living. The need to be sustainable is more than ever now...
  • How To Protect Yourself and Others From COVID-19

    How To Protect Yourself and Others From COVID-19
    We all are in this together- it’s not just a term for anymore, we mean it every person on this planet means it. This global pandemic has shaken every soul. People have lost their loved ones. This pandemic has left everyone in terror and now more with the second wave of Covid-19. Our intention is not to spread the horror even further, we just want people to realize the prevailing condition and take some steps to keep themselves and their families safe. Here are few ways to keep yourself from getting infected: Wear a mask This...
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